Fine Art Exhibitions

Work Shops


Selection of paintings available at Duane Reed Gallery

St. Louis, MO 2021-Present

New Paintings by Miles Bair & Ryan Bair

Peoria Public Library

Peoria, IL 2022

Solo Show, One World

Peoria, IL 2021

Solo Show, One World

Peoria, IL 2019

Solo Show, One Life Gallery & Boutique

Normal, IL 2018

Solo Show, One Life Gallery & Boutique

Normal, IL 2017

Solo Show, “The Argument”

Merwin and Wakeley Galleries

Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, IL 2012

“Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Residential Community”

NASPA Annual Conference

Boston, MA, 2008

“The Other Side of the Tracks”, student diversity leadership training, creative training experience

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 2007

“Race-ing Justice: Black Resistance and the Politics of Mass Incarceration”, Martin Luther King Day presentation

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 2007


“Knowledge is Power: Current Social Justice Movements in America” panel discussion, Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL, 2007


“Reflecting on the Life of Martin Luther King Jr.,” Martin Luther King Day presentation

LaSalle University

Philadelphia, PA 2006

“Conflict Resolution and Role Clarification: Identifying Individuals Who Benefit from Organizational Conflict”, day-long creative workshop, Student Leadership Conference

LaSalle University

Philadelphia, PA 2005

Group Show, “Conspiracy”

Zeitgeist Gallery

Portland, OR 2004

Group Show, “Legal Tender”,  featuring Aaron Horkey, Todd Bratrud, Ect. 

Atomic Cowboy

St. Louis, MO 2003

Collaborations with Mike Davis, “twelve car pileup”

Rue 13

St. Louis, MO 2002

Group Show, “Between the Virtual and Actual” Crow T. Brooks Gallery

St. Louis MO 2002

Group Show, “Bright Paradise, Exotic History and Sublime Artifice”, The First Auckland Triennial.

Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki with Art Space & the University of Auckland

New Zealand, March/April 2001

Group Show, “Artist & Apprentice”

Emerson Electric

St. Louis, MO 2000

Solo Show, “Human/Nature”

Keyes Gallery

Springfield, MO 2000 (They stole a painting)

Four Person Show, “St. Louis Four” 

Delta Axis at Marshall Arts

Memphis, TN 2000

Five Person Show, “New Art from St. Louis”, Merwin and Wakeley Galleries,

Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, IL 2000

Solo Show

Upstairs Lounge

St. Louis MO 1999

McLean County 63rd Annual Juried Exhibition (first place painting)

McLean County Arts Center

Bloomington, IL 1994

Fine Arts Teaching Experience

Introduction to Contemporary Art, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Instructed three-credit hour introduction to art course with focus on art after 1945.

Developed and implemented course textbook. 

St. Louis, MO 2000-2005


St. Louis Artworks Instructor 

Mentored a wide variety of drawing and printmaking techniques to apprentice artists ages 14-21 outside in downtown St. Louis. This was an all day camp that kept at risk youth off the streets in the summer.

St. Louis, MO 2000, 2001

Art Concepts and Found Materials, Washington University

Assistant Professor. Instructed second and third-year art and design major students in a variety of media. 

St. Louis, MO 2000

Intermediate Drawing, Washington University, 
Assistant Professor. Instructed second-year art students in formal and advanced drawing techniques and exercises.

St. Louis, MO 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art (Forum for Contemporary Art) Instructor 
Mentored at risk high-school students in concept-based lessons using a wide variety of 2D and 3D media, techniques  and processes. 

St. Louis, MO 1999-2002

St. Louis Community College, guest lecture

St. Louis, MO 1998

Fine Arts Management Experience

Exhibits and Collections Assistant: University of Missouri

Created Universities first modern database for the art collection using Past-Perfect Museum Software. Developed, designed and constructed campus-wide educational exhibits. Developed marketing structure in order to provide awareness of the campus art collection services. 

St. Louis 2004-2005​​


Internship: Rockford Art Museum

Rockford, IL 1998​

Guest Curator: Ohara Exhibition, Merwin Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, IL 1998


M.Ed.Higher Education, University of Missouri 

St. Louis 2005

M.F.A., Washington University

St. Louis, MO 2000

B.F.A., Rockford College

Rockford, IL 1998

Honors and Awards

Henretta Wahlert Award for Outstanding Graduate Scholars, Washington University

Graduate Fellowship, Washington University

Teaching & Technical Assistantships, Washington University

Mrs. Ruth Keegan Memorial Award for Outstanding Senior Art Major, Rockford College


Tuition Scholarship, Rockford College

The Birth of Inanimate Damage:

Mix MastersThese days anyone can make a mix CD, and everyone does. Two local standouts manage to challenge as well as entertain.

By René Spencer Saller

Published: August 6, 2003 Riverfront Times

Inanimate Damage, the first mix CD from Doug Surreal and Ryan B is less a mix than a blur, a trippy montage of classic rap, hissy dub, downtempo electronica and assorted freak fodder, most of it tricked out beyond recognition. Surreal, who composes original beats on his sampler and layers them over studio-­‐‑tweaked tracks from other artists, isn't content to simulate the experience of a live DJ set. "A lot of DJs just try to make something that's party-­‐‑ happenin' hot," he says. "For me and Ryan, we're trying to jazz up the mix-­‐‑tape thing, push the envelope a bit with the concepts, go crazy with the samples." Ranging from Wu-­‐‑Tang Clan to Bob Marley, from Freddie Hubbard to Keita Fodeba, from Bitch Ass Darius to Ice T to Portishead, Damage careers wildly from one sonic vibe to the next, resulting in a schizophrenic but fascinating tour de force. Because of copyright issues, Surreal wasn't able to get the CDs professionally pressed, which was something of a disappointment. Still, he realizes, it's not as if he could sell that many copies anyway: Once you hit the 5,000 mark, it's difficult to elude the authorities. "The more you sell, the more potential for trouble," Surreal says. "A mix CD like this is like a dangerous love thing."