photo collage dangerous minds 1996.JPG

Dangerous Minds 20x20 photo collage & spray paint  1996  private collection


Chicago City Streets, 8ft x 30ft collaged paper and Krylon spray  1996 


Investigative Reports, 9ft x 27ft collaged paper, zip lock bags, photo copies, spray paint  1996 

painting mobb deep detail 1997.JPG

Investigative Reports, detail 1996 


untitled 8ft x 32ft foam insulation and Krylon spray paint  1998

This was the graduating seniors exhibit. The conversations back then would always revolve around if this kind of work belonged in a gallery and if someone that works in graffiti should go to school. I didn't put any work inside the gallery but decided to wrap the outside of the galley in foam and exclusively use spray paint (tip of the hat to my mentor Robert McCauley and the artist Joseph Beuys). 

paintings senior BFA exhibit ugod detail

untitled, detail 1998  is that U-God? You know it is dun 

painting senior BFA exhibit rza detal 19

untitled, detail 1998